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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Few Unrelated Things


So I've been scouring my house. Which was a little tough today. Because A) the air conditioning wasn't working, which may not mean much to those of you who live in Michigan but let-me-tell-you-what, in my neck of the woods in mid-May, it means a lot and B)I starting running again this week after over a month off because I broke my foot.

First, the scouring.

So I was trying to clear off the haz-mat area known as My Desk and I realized that I had a couple of the kids' birth certificates in a file from when they were extras on a movie set and I had to prove who they are. And so I went to the fire safe to put said birth certificates away and then began to flip through the CD holder of picture CDs I keep there and I got all nostalgic over all kinds of pictures from four-plus years ago.

This is 3 of 8 when we came for a house hunting trip to ATX, over four years ago now. And I cannot believe how much 8 of 8 looks like him...


Speaking of 8 of 8, this next shot is from an ultrasound around this time. If you'll look closely, you'll see 7 of 8's little pudgy face...and 8 of 8's foot kicking said face...


This next one is of 1 of 8 getting her updated license while we still had a few weeks left living down on the beach. They let her wear that flower headband in her driver's license photo...but they 86'd the fairy wings she also wanted to wear...


I'm sure no one got the impression that we homeschool...


This was one of our last days in our beach house. It was a pretty handy way to keep track of the kids...


Here's 4 of 8, back when she had just a few more days of living at the beach and being known as 4 of 6...


And this would be 5 of 8, holding one of his brand new baby siblings, post move, post labor, post delivery. Pre Mom having any kind of sleep to speak of for the next 15 months....


And that pic all the way at the very top of the post? All the way back up? That was a photo of The Twin Belly about 7 weeks before the twins were born.

Um. Wow.

And now to the second thing on the list. Back to running.

I actually managed to fracture my foot a few weeks ago. I was in the church office parking lot and had filled a rolling suitcase full of Bible reference books to kick off the new class I was teaching. I opened the back of that big ol' 15 passenger van when I got to the church and KABLAM! The suitcase tumbled out of the back of the van with the equivalent of an encyclopedia set within and landed across the top of my foot.

Moral dilemma~~if a suitcase full of Bible reference books lands on your foot in a parking lot, are there any acceptable words to say in response?

So I hobbled around on it for a week and actually did a 5 mile session with JT and wore high, high heels and spoke about three different times in those high, high heels and finally, after over a week, I hobbled into Minor Emergency, where they took all kinds of xray pictures of my foot and revealed to me that, indeed, I had broken my foot by way of teaching a Bible study.

And they told me I shouldn't run for at least a month. And they gave me a really gorgeous orthopedic boot to wear.

Which brings me back to today. Because I'm running again. And cleaning the house. And finding random picture CDs.

And posting them here.

Happy Wednesday!
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