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Monday, May 9, 2011

Garage Garbage

Since there was so much that needed to be done inside the house today after all of last week's adventures, it seemed the perfect time to ignore all the bathrooms and laundry and kitchen disaster and head out to an area of the house which most certainly needed priority attention. Not.

So I decided to tear apart the garage.

Now let me establish that our garage has long been a depository of all things extra furniture, yard equipment, trikes and bikes for ten people, plus all the trikes and bikes that have been out-grown/haven't been grown into yet. There's all the beach equipment from our days of living on the island. There are the packed cabinets of all nature of my power tools from back in the days when I had a quaint and colossal project of a colonial house that I was restoring back in Oklahoma. There are all the bits and pieces of all the house projects we've encountered along our path. There are buckets and buckets of shoes. And animal supplies. And empty aquariums.

So you see why it was so important for me to prioritize cleaning the garage today instead of tackling the more urgent matters like toilets and toy room.

I hauled and threw and tossed and swept. I kicked up dust storms like a miniature Dust Bowl. I heaved and shoved and generally moved the junk around.

And the younger kids are enchanted.

They are calling the garage the New Family Room. They asked to go sit out there after dinner.

Which gives you a clue as to the condition of the rest of the house if the garage is a haven of order and cleanliness.


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