Julie Lyles Carr: Looking at London

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Looking at London

1of8 londong
In the days just prior to the Royal Wedding, 1 of 8 traveled to London.

No, she did not stay for the wedding. She wasn't invited. Go figure.

Yes, she took in all the mania in the days leading up to the wedding.

But, hey, the girl was in London right around the Royal Wedding. So we're going to count it as a brush with greatness anyway...

The wedding swag was everywhere...

...and on everything...

I think, in a sense, 1 of 8 had the best Royal Wedding experience. She got to experience all the energy and hype leading up to the day, then flew back to France and was snug and tucked in at her Paris apartment, watching the ceremony live on her computer.

1of8 london1
And she even got to wear a big hat...

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