Julie Lyles Carr: One of Those Nights

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One of Those Nights

We celebrated the twins' birthday tonight.

Four years old.



Neighbors were in and out, bringing gifts, noshing on burgers and fries and birthday cake. A friend from church popped in. After the wrapping paper and frosting were all cleaned up, Mike and I headed down to AT and JT's for a soak in the hot tub.

And I had to reflect.

Reflect back on four years ago when we had lived here just a little over a month. And I had newborn twins. And there were still moving boxes all over the house and we didn't know anyone and I had no idea where the lid to my soup pot was. And I keenly felt the ache of being away from extended family and friends and the familiar.

Four years ago.

I still miss our extended family. But the Lord has graciously brought amazing people into our lives who help populate our world with laughter and joy and shared jokes and experiences and stories. I know where the lid to my soup pot is now. And I have people here that I love dearly. People I didn't even know four years ago. Including the twins.

Just as the twins expanded our family four years ago, so have the neighbors and church family who celebrate with us today.

And so tonight was one of those nights.

Where you find yourself a little choked up and reflective.

And profoundly grateful.

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