Julie Lyles Carr: Practice Practice

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Practice Practice

This is dress rehearsal week for dance recital.

I've got five dancers this year. Five.

You should see me juggling the video camera, my big ol' Canon SLR and my little point and shoot, trying to catch my dancers from all the angles.

Oh, and balance my netbook as well as I try to post mid-rehearsal.

And I am going to post some cool pictures...but juggling the video/SLR/point and shoot/netbook stack is making me a bit hesitant to add anything on to my multi-tasking.

And then there's the guest wifi setup I'm using in this pitch black performing arts center. And I'm not sure how Flickr upload friendly it would be.

But just know for now that I do believe I have hit my tech juggling limit.

Oh, wait. I need to answer a text on my phone....

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