Julie Lyles Carr: Promo Fail?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Promo Fail?

2011-05-01 16.09.05
Now believe me, I love me some Sonic.

Let's face it...if you're an ice connoisseur, there is no equal to Sonic ice. None. Period.

But when 6 of 8 and I ran through Sonic yesterday, waiting for 2 of 8's next performance at a dance competition, I was a little surprised at the kids' meal prize that awaited her.

It was a pack of 'Drink Buddies'.

2011-05-01 16.09.17
Drink Buddies?

See, the thing is, Mike and I would prefer I kids not have drinking buddies. We're pretty much parenting them in things like that.

Seriously? 'Drink Buddies'?

Gotta wonder who was on that marketing team...
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