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Monday, May 23, 2011

Recital Recap

tea party
And here we are.

Every year, for many years, Spring Dance Recital has marked the changing of seasons as reliably as Christmas marks winter and Labor Day marks fall.

Our Spring Recital for the kids' dance company is held in the same performing arts center as our church services. So I felt like I spent a lot of time on home turf last week. Two rehearsals. Two recitals. And then church on Sunday.

Trying to get great shots each year elicits the same self-promise: "That's it. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna spend the money to buy the big honking lens so that next year I can get exactly the shots I want, sans flash, avec focus (which, you know, in French means, without a big flash, with focus. I'm very continental, you know...).

But then, every year, I get to recital rehearsal and shoot without a flash in low light, with a huge aperture and tiny f-stop and I still get blurry pics. Hence the lens envy.

But it does make me get a little creative with my editing...

leave it alone edit
But no matter. I'm still thrilled to get pics of the kids in action.

leave it alone 2
2 of 8 had multiple dances this year, in both recitals. I'll post the pics of the other OctaPerformers later in the week. I wish I had caught some shots of 2 of 8 on pointe, in a gorgeous ballet. But 7 of 8 was whining and pulling on my arm. And that is contraindicated when it comes to effective photography...

2 of 8 leave it alone 3
Except for that one up there. But, of course, she was holding still. In full spot light.

2 of 8 tea party 3
So maybe next year. Maybe a bigger lens.

But, you know?

I kind of like my necessary editing. It seems appropriately...artistic.

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