Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Selah

For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.
II Corinthians 10:3
I had me a whale of a Sunday afternoon nap today.
It was wonderful.

In a hazy, sneezy kind of way.

In my part of the world, allergy season comes at some odd times. November thru January are pretty crazy months as cedar comes into pollination. Our first couple of years living here we suffered the full brunt of exposure to those productive little pollens wafting through the air.

And there's something this time of year that my system seems allergic to, something that renders me stuffy and foggy headed.

And sleepy.

Particularly sleepy today.

But here's the interesting thing about some allergies. Over time, our systems can grow accustomed to what initially causes us symptoms. While our first couple years' encounter with cedar was crazy, everyone in our crew has now adapted and barely sniffles when the cedar is in full bloom. Allergy shots in and of themselves are comprised of the very thing that the sufferer is allergic to. In some cases, enough slow exposure will ultimately 'inoculate' the allergy patient.

It makes me consider the pollen of the world.

The bits and spores and dust of sin float through our spiritual atmosphere, seeking to produce more of itself in a willing host. When we are sincere in our walks, when we are in the Word and fired up and fresh off a retreat, that spore of sin makes us sneeze and wheeze. Our spiritual immune systems fight the onslaught, sensitive to the ragweed of unrighteousness.

And for some of us, the sensitivity to sin stays with us. It makes us tear up. It makes us feel like we need to the fresh air of the Spirit to breathe.

But for others of us, our soul systems seem to adapt. What once we were allergic to is now 'tolerated' in our lives. What used to make us itch and wheeze for living water is now something our systems don't even notice anymore.

I don't want to get inoculated to sin. I want to be saved from it. But I don't ever want it to become an accepted part of my immune system, something over which my soul no longer raises a red flag.

I want iniquity to make me sneeze, make me notice it, make my eyes water with regret.

Because then I can know that I'm living in this world. But I am not of it.

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