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Monday, June 20, 2011

Camera Quandry

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I find myself faced with a dilemma. Of the camera kind.

As I dropped hints last week, I'm headed out on an amazing trip.

Drum roll, please.

Yes, I going to....PARIS!

Still having to pinch myself. Yes I am.

1 of 8 has been in Paris for almost a year now. Mike took her over last year to help her get settled and then she came home at Christmas for a quick visit. I had dreamed a little dream that I might get to go see her, but three round trip tickets to Paris in the span of a few months sort of depleted the Fly To Paris Budget Envelope.

As if we even had one.

So I was going about my summer schedule and looking forward to 1 of 8's upcoming return in July.

But that wasn't good enough for one of my brothers. Not good enough at all.

He's the one who travels internationally quite a bit in his career.

He and my sister-in-law had gotten to go see 1 of 8 a few weeks ago. And he decided it was high time for me to get to do so as well.

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So through some phone calls and scheduling and generosity, he got it all arranged for me to go see her.

Yea. I kind of like him.

I think I'll let him off the hook for giving me a Christmas gift this year. And maybe next.

I'm trying to only take a carry-on suitcase. And one computer/purse/make-up bag.

It's an engineering challenge, I tell ya.

And here's my latest packing quandry~~do I take my big ol' Canon 40d camera? Or do I just pack my little Sony? Which is a great little point and shoot. And for whom I have posted about the techniques for getting great shots. But when faced with going to France, I struggle to decide if it will be adequate...

Do you feel my pain?

Would you pack a big ol' SLR for an overseas trip? Tell me. Please. I need to know these things if I'm going to make my packing goals...

Or would you toss that little point-and-shoot in a bag and call it a day?
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