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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm running around throwing things in suitcases and the washing machine.

How exactly does a mother of eight pack and prepare to head to Europe?

With utter speed and the confident knowledge that surely, surely they have stores in France in which one can purchase whatever she may have forgotten...

...with the exception of a passport.

(Note to self: remember to take passport.)

I loved all your feedback yesterday on the big camera/point and shoot packing debacle. A verdict will be coming soon.

And speaking of feedback, I had some classic feedback when I picked up the twins from dance class yesterday.

Yes, the twins are taking a dance class together.

I hope the dance teacher and I can still be friends. Because I will tell you that 8 of 8's ah, um, enthusiasm seems to supersede his ability to listen and follow directions. Which is why I put him in dance class. In the hopes that the dance teacher can do something with this enthusiasm/listening ratio issue.

When I picked up the twins yesterday, I asked 8 of 8 if he had fun. "Yes!" he quickly intoned. I then asked if he had been a good listener.

He blinked at me.

I have learned through my years of mothering that this is probably not a good sign.

I'm perceptive like that.

7 of 8 quickly picked up the thread of conversation.

"Mom," she said, in her best "I'm 4 minutes older than 8 of 8" voice, "Mom, he just lost his mind. He was not a good child."


Heady words for a four year old. Descriptive feedback from a preschooler.

She takes her job as 4 Minutes Older Sister very seriously. And that calls for technical language.

As for 8 of 8, he would neither confirm nor deny....

I think he might have a future in politics. As long as he stays off Twitter....

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