Julie Lyles Carr: 'Hode To Me'

Friday, June 17, 2011

'Hode To Me'

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Yes, I'm very excited about my upcoming trip. And I'll be posting my adventures and taking you right along with me.

But I'm in that weird mommy zone when your kids' ages span a couple of decades.

I'm getting to go have some amazing mother-daughter time with my oldest (hint hint as to my destination....)

But I have a couple of four year olds at home who are not going to be thrilled with my focus on their oldest sister.

Because it means I'll be leaving them in the capable care of others for a few days.

But they're not going to like it too much.

Particularly that little guy up there. My 8 of 8.

He's my own personal stalker right now, in the best way. He creeps down to our bed every pre-dawn, snuggling in next to me, stroking my hair, putting his nose right up next to mine.

He hangs on my leg most of the day and wants to be right next to me as I work.

Except when he's obsessing over a video game. Then I take a back seat.

But for the most part, he's my little shadow.

And he has a little phrase that melts me. Every hour or so, he'll put his hands up and say, "Hode to me."

Hode. Long o.

Hode to me, meaning 'hold me'.

I love his preschool poetry. There's just something about the placement of that preposition 'to', that it's not enough to hold him, but that he wants all of me to hold on to him.

So I'm heading off to be a good mom to my oldest. At what will be the upset of my youngest.

Ah, the constant balancing of holding eight.

Hode to me.

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