Julie Lyles Carr: Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso...

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The Amazing Nick arrived last night from Cali.

He'll be spending the summer with us, working with a precious friend of ours.

Oh, and I guess that means he'll get to see 1 of 8 a bit more once she arrives home from Paris in a couple of weeks.

But I'm sure his first priority is keeping 1 of 8's brothers enthralled with his XBox skills.

The Amazing Nick drove. Drove all the way from his home on the Pacific coast to the middle of the great state of Texas.

And as it his signature style, he regaled us last night with the insights and philosophies he gained whilst on this road trip.

For example...

Nick says these are his four top favorite things about El Paso, where he got to spend a lot of time because El Paso chose to close the interstate yesterday. For a long time.

Nick's Top Four Favorite Things About El Paso
"1. They have a billboard there telling me that the end of the world is coming. With a date on it from last month.
2. They call their cops Constables. And they ride around in Constable cars. And that's just cute.
3. Their McDonalds have WiFi. And Redboxes in the McDonalds. Which is the height of laziness, to get your fried food and then sit in McDonalds and watch a Redbox movie on your laptop. And I like it.
4. They close I-10. For no reason. And they don't explain themselves."
It's going to be a fun summer.  Funny Summer.

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