Julie Lyles Carr: Running Midst the Jardin des Tuileries

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Running Midst the Jardin des Tuileries

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Wow wow wow.

I went for a run on my last night in Paris at the Tuileries Garden.


On the first bit of mileage, I headed for the Place du Carrousel, leading to the Louvre. I ran through the arch there, onto the grounds of the Louvre and into the inner plaza. Several of the window coverings were still up on the 1st floor galleries and I was able to get a last glimpse of some of my favorite statuary and paintings. I then headed west out of the Louvre and was treated to that amazing site in the photo above.

And you can't tell from that photo, but Tour Effiel is off to the left, bathed in sunset hues.

I'm not bringing much back with me from Paris. I didn't really shop. But I am bringing back and will be sharing with my loved ones what has touched me the most on this trip, the photographs of the sights that have spoken to me, have renewed me, have been shared with 1 of 8.

And topping the page was this run tonight, where I thought about other places I have run and loved, when I thought of my running partner JT and how I wished she could see this with me, how I watched the carousel down one side of the gardens, thinking on how my precious friend DP would love its lines, when my breathing got harder the longer I ran and how with every breath I was breathing in the aroma of crepes. I think that alone could make a runner out of my sister~friend JK.

I have thought of you all, of my gratitude for your friendships and love, of things I've seen here in Paris that have reminded me of you, of the stories I can't wait to tell you.

Running in the Tuileries.

Quite the dream.

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