Julie Lyles Carr: Somewhere

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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So I'm going somewhere next week.

Somewhere that requires a passport.

Which I haven't had updated in a long, long time.

I needed to get a new passport. And quickly. We were in Oklahoma visiting family as all of my trip plans began to gel, so I made the executive decision to run a few miles up the road to a post office with a passport agent in a town I assumed would not be too busy.

And they weren't too busy.

But they weren't all into my need for an expedited passport. Or my decision to use a hand-carry service to move things along.

Or my passport picture, for that matter.

My little passport errand turned into quite an adventure in Will Roger's ol' stompin' grounds. And I had new passport pictures made. And I still used a passport expedite service that the postal office slammed on but who got me my passport in three days.

I've already been having adventures.

Before I even begin my adventures.

Wanna guess where I'm going? I'll give you a hint.

It's not Claremore, Oklahoma.

I've already spent plenty of time there this year.

At the post office.

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