Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Selah

Your father’s blessings are greater
than the blessings of the ancient mountains,
than the bounty of the age-old hills.
Genesis 49:26

What they speak over us.
What we say about them.

Our fathers.

There are good ones, bad ones, absent ones, dedicated ones. And their imprint can last our whole lives, whether positive or negative.

Our American culture makes a lot of noise about our founding fathers, the men who shaped and honed the vision of this country. But we tend to not see 'founding fathers' as a phenomenon that should continue to develop into this day and time. Founding fathers who are still about laying vision and principle into the future of families.

I'm not talking about constitutions or governments. But about character and integrity and hope.

I'm so blessed to have men who embrace their roles as founding fathers for their families, men who have delved deep and followed God and fought their flesh and held tight to the Spirit. Men who have not been perfect but who have understood legacy. Men who have not been content just to be called 'father' but who have earned the name 'daddy'.

I bless you today. And I humbly ask your blessing in return.

Because your words carry so much.

And if I could ask one thing more...

Could you speak blessing over those who have not known the influence and heart of a man who has walked as a family founding father?  Could you pray peace and speak fruit and call for a new generation in their lives?  May our blessings abound and spill over.


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