Julie Lyles Carr: Ah. The Music of WiFi...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ah. The Music of WiFi...

Hurray! I have WiFi again! What a thing of beauty!

I don't know if that amazing house up there has WiFi. It might. It has just about everything else you could ever want.

Except for central air conditioning.

That's the Grand Trianon, the smaller palace just down the road from the monstrously big Versailles. It was built for Louis XIV's secret wife.

I'm telling ya, Henry the VIII of England, he of the multiple wives~head chopping~annulment fame has got nothin' on the French kings. Now there's a reality show for you.
grand hall

Back to Louis the XIV's secret wife. Her name was Francoise d'Aubigne. Her life story is quite fascinating, even before you get to the part that she married one of the most influential French kings. Their marriage was not officially recognized because she was of much lower class rank. But married they were and the Grand Trianon is the home Louis XIV built for his wife, an exquisite piece of architecture just a short walk from the enormous and gilded walls of Versailles.

grand trianon1
You know, if they needed someone to move in for a while, just take care of things, keep an eye on things, I'd be happy to help out. All in the name of historic preservation, of course.

grand trianon study
I was thinking this would make a great home office from which to blog and run the non-profit and ministry...

And that room above could be our homeschool room (as if my kids aren't distracted enough. Wall to wall mirrors in which they could make faces at themselves would certainly extend our math lesson time into double digit hour sessions.....not to mention the amount of Windex that would be required...)

I'm nothing if not practical when choosing my chateaus....

signature blog1
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