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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have a Seat

pews edit
As I look over the pictures I've taken through the years, both foreign and domestic, I do find some themes.

For example.

I seem to be a bit obsessed with taking pictures of door knobs.

And hinges.

And chairs and benches.

So I suppose it should not surprise me that I once again found many a picture on my camera card of pews and benches and chairs from my time in France.

Those pews above were at a beautiful church near the Pantheon called Saint Etienne.

So were these little chairs...

And, of course, I had to snap some pics of the incredible furnishings at Versailles and the Grand Trianon...

chair a
Because of the French Revolution and the number of furnishings that were destroyed as various royal homes were sacked, there are only a few original pieces on display. Many pieces have been restored with period examples of fabrics and finishes.

And then there are those pieces that are original.
And it's all gorgeous.

grand trianon1
Gorgeous. Over the top. Not something I'd want in my house. But gorgeous and perfect for its setting.

Except this one. I could probably use this one at my house. 'Cuz I am loving the yellow and gray. Loving it.

This next one is amazing. It's the chair that goes with the dressing table of Napoleon III's wife, completely gilded and bling'd out...

nap III chair
And what's a royal house without a few thrones?

nap throne
Just like Mike's chair in front of the television...


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