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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Other News...

6 bday

Every month starting in mid-April all the way through the first week of August, we celebrate seven birthdays for the OctaTribe.
My record for throwing big ol' birthday parties each month has waned. As in, I haven't been. Throwing big parties.

I used to. Can I rest on that resume? That I used to throw big Disney themed extravaganzas complete with homemade cakes and costumes and 27 preschoolers at the house?

I really did.

Back in the day.

And I really believe in making Mike and the kids feel special on their birthdays because they are special and I'm very very thankful for the days that commemorate when they came into this world.

I'm just not very good at throwing a fully loaded shindig for said commemorations.

Part of it is the time of year all these seven birthdays occur, smack in the middle of end-of-school year activities and recitals and MiMi and PaPa camp and travel. We were on the road for dance nationals when 6 of 8's birthday came around...

6 bday

We were at the hotel, pockets of time between performances. Several of 6 of 8's dance friends were able to meet us at the hotel pool and 1 of 8's precious friend from Paris/Dallas brought a beautiful cake. 6 of 8 was able to blow out some candles and splash with some friends.

And that was the party.

6 of 8 bday

6 of 8 bday
(for the record, the Amazing Nick is crouching significantly in this photo...)

6 of 8 bday pool
(and this is the un-posed pic of Nick standing at his full height. Fer realz.)

And we just celebrated 4 of 8's thirteenth birthday. We had tossed around some various party ideas, but at the end of it, she chose to spend the day with 1 of 8, shopping, going to lunch and heading to the theater to see a movie. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy her day, even though the fanfare was kept to a minimum.

4 of 8 bday

4 of 8 bday

We have one more of the summer birthdays to celebrate next week. And we'll have a dinner with our amazing neighbors to sing happy birthday to 6, 4 and 5 of 8. And I'll probably fry some chicken for everyone.

But there won't be any Chuck E. Cheese or Disney princess or superhero fare. And I'm hoping that's okay. Because these simple celebrations do seem so sweet.

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