Julie Lyles Carr: Inception State Side

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inception State Side

inception bridge 3
Have I mentioned there are 11 people in my house right now?


And some of them are over six feet tall. Significantly over six feet tall.

The homemaking/organizing/decorating books don't cover having to accommodate 11 people, some of who are giants, and the groceries/laundry/toiletries/auto needs of said population.

I wonder what kind of market there might be for the lessons I'm learning this summer, this summer of eleven. 2011. And 11.

I am learning this..

inception bridge
This is the bridge from the film Inception. You know, where Leo takes Ellen (I can't remember their characters' names...they are just Leo and El to me...) where they go to the bridge in Paris? And Ellen starts actually paying attention to the people around them and the whole dream begins to disintegrate and Leo is all freaking out at her and then Mol comes along (whose real name I can't remember...) and stabs her and then they awake from the dream?

I made 1 of 8 take me here. That scene was filmed in Paris under an honest-to-goodness French bridge, just down the river a bit from the Tour Eiffel.  And when necessary, I can return to this bridge and dream. But without the random stabbing by Leo's deceased-maybe-not-deceased-in-the-dream wife.

inception bridge 2
It's my happy place. Amidst the subway-packed confines of the house at the moment. The house that is not in Paris.

inception bridge4
So this may sound a little odd, but the underneath of the Inception Bridge was gorgeous. Gorgeous. Seriously. If you've never peered at the underside of a bridge, start making it a habit. You just never know what you might find.

inception bridge 5
(That's 1 of 8, reenacting a pivotal Inception scene. Do not adjust your sets. She is really that, ah, pale fair.... )

inception bridge 6
So, yes, we were just shameless tourists on this part of the visit. We didn't care. It gave us a little happy place, walking where Leo walked.

And it's been useful. To return to the dream. When this square footage state side proves a bit more confining than the open air climes of the Inception bridge in Paris, scaling the Seine...and realilty...

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