Julie Lyles Carr: Latin is Not Dead....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Latin is Not Dead....

language stone

I don't think.

I don't think Latin is dead. But I really don't know.

1 of 8's aptitude for languages? It didn't come from me. I traffic pretty well in English. But I can barely speak baby talk. And I can only muddle through a tiny bit of French, even after four years of classes in high school and college. And I did do a stint in Latin.

But it just made me better at playing vocabulary games.

The Rosetta stone I ain't.

So riddle me this, you language gurus.

That picture up there is of a foundation stone on one of the interior columns of Notre Dame. And I'm simply fascinated to find out what it might say. And at first blush I thought it was in Latin, but I think it may be in antiquated French. Which means I could probably just ask 1 of 8. But I thought the photograph turned out to be so neat. And I knew you might want a chance to show off your language skills.

So any takers? What does it say?

And if you come up with something from the DaVinci Code, we'll need to re-evaluate....

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