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Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Locked

I had a little list of things that were important to me to do and see when I went to visit 1 of 8 in Paris.

This little event was at the top of the list.

It was my gift to Michael, my souvenir to him.

You may recall a post from last fall, when 1 of 8 sent me pictures of a tradition that is played out on the bridge that crosses the River Seine over to Notre Dame. Lovers entwine locks on the links of the fence of the bridge, a declaration of romance.

I knew that the sentimental sap in me had to participate.

So I had 1 of 8 take me to the uber-cool Parisian version of Target, called Monoprix. And I purchased a lock for my love.


I was giddy, absolutely giddy to place mine and Mike's lock on the bridge, somehow feeling that our love story was made more epic when basking in the sunshine of a beloved and ancient city.

Not that it makes sense when I actually type up those words. And yet...

locks julie bridge

I realized once I got to the bridge to put my lock in place that I had chosen a very diminutive lock as compared with the more bold choices made by other couples.

locks julie bridge 2

But ours still looked very cute.


For a lock.


After I placed my lock and 1 of 8 and I snapped some more pics, we made our way over the bridge to wander through Notre Dame and the surrounding neighborhoods in a blaze of French sunshine.

And I brought home the keys to the lock and gave them to Mike.

Because no matter the bridge or the continent or the tradition, Michael holds the keys to my heart.

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