Julie Lyles Carr: Perfectly Creepy Paris

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perfectly Creepy Paris

While scouring the Louvre, I ran across the most amazing site.

It was the statuary from the Temple of Artemis, the exhibit in the middle of a renovation.

The ancient statues were covered in plastic drop clothes, the sunlight steaming in from the atrium skylights.

I was mesmerized. And took many a photo.

statue 1
And have delighted in making post-edits.

How perfectly, perfectly creepy.

I'm sure I would have been thrilled to have wandered through the completed exhibit, the ancient idols towering over me with their exquisite carving.

statue 2
But there was something so wonderfully chilling about seeing them covered in visqueen in the summer sunlight.
statue 2 lomo filter crop

I'm somewhat astounded at the number of pictures I took of this translucently draped group. I won't make you wade through all of them.

But you find them compelling too, right?

It's not just me?

I call this next one Goddess in a Box...

So not your everyday photos from the Louvre...but fascinating nonetheless...

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