Julie Lyles Carr: Righting a Wrong

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Righting a Wrong

julie at notre dame
(Look, Mom and Dad!  It's me at Notre Dame!)
Over a quarter century ago, a man and his wife decided to send their oldest child to Europe. This couple was completely dedicated to education and experience and felt that by sending their oldest child to Europe, she would benefit from soaking up the culture and history.

They were absolutely right. Their daughter's time in Europe helped shape and define her, fanning into flame a love of literature and art and history and culture.

But the daughter failed her parents in one area. Failed badly.

julie at tour eiffel
(Look, Mom and Dad!  It's me at Tour Eiffel!)
Because when she arrived home from her travels through Greece and Italy and Switzerland and Germany and France and England, she had but one photograph in which she appeared amidst the splendors of Europe.


As in one picture.

A blurry, squinty picture taken alongside some boy whose name she didn't remember on the side of the road somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

The only photographic proof that she had ever crossed the Atlantic.

And so this post is dedicated to those generous parents of yore, those parents who longed for pictures of their child in Europe, their only request from a generous tour.

My Dear Readers, if you tire of pictures of me or question my ego, please forgive. But really, this post is for my parents, trying to right an old wrong.

julie at versailles
(Look, Mom and Dad!  It's me at Versailles!)

Not to plead my case too much, Mom and Dad, but I did learn something about getting photographs of yourself while in Europe.

It is super handy to birth a kid who also loves photography and who is willing to follow you around and take pictures of you while you are there.

julie versailles2
(at Versailles, standing at one of the French doors overlooking the gardens...)

Very handy.  Unless you want to get a picture of yourself with that child in Paris.  And then you need really long arms...

luxembourg/tuilleries 1 of 8 and me

And you should preferably remember to remove your ginormous "Why yes, I'm an American from Texas~~how could you tell?" orange sunglasses.

So, Mom and Dad, I hope this corrects my former photographic errors.

And thank you again for instilling a love of travel and adventure in me.

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