Julie Lyles Carr: 2 Oughta Be in Pictures

Thursday, August 25, 2011

2 Oughta Be in Pictures

2 of 8 lying game

Well, lookie there.

2 of 8 plays, yes, you guessed it, a dancer on ABC Family's newest show, The Lying Game.

She has been on set for multiple shoots, dancing, playing a high school student, going to a high school dance.

And then she got 1 of 8 in on the game.

So 1 of 8 has also been playing a dancer, high school student and high school dance attendee.

Who says homeschoolers don't get to experience high school life?

On set?

I don't really know if I can recommend the series. I've only been watching for my kids.

But talk about fun!

It's very fun to see those dance lessons pay off. Even if for just for a few seconds of camera time....

(2 of 8 is on the far right hand side in the above shot...I'm still waiting for the episodes that 1 of 8 appears in...)

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