Julie Lyles Carr: Back to Schoo....the Kitchen Table

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Schoo....the Kitchen Table

I always awakened in excited anticipation, dread, hope and nerves on the first day of school.

A new start. A new year. A new vision.

And new notebooks and pencils and books.

The neighborhood kids headed back to the classroom today.

And my kids didn't.

I mean, they did math and practiced their writing and had some history and worked on consumer economics (i.e. chores).

But we've been doing that. Most of the summer.

For us, homeschooling works. It fits our lifestyle, my work schedule, the kids' extracurricular obsessions, the variance in learning styles replete throughout this crew. And schooling year-round works. We just stay in our routine. We don't have to review. We don't lose three months of instruction. We just keep on keeping on.



The first day of school. What a wonderful ritual. What a fantastic beginning.

What a tradition.

The chance to begin again, to get a new desk, to learn a new routine. The smell of new notebook paper, the crack of new three ring binders, the feel of new No. 2 pencils. It's gorgeous.

Happy School Year, all my traditional classroom buddies. We here at the OctaSchool wish you all the best for a year of wonder and exploration and growth.

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