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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OctaHits 2.0

The Gardening Gene....originally posted Sept. 2008

News Bulletin....Dateline....Today..... For those of you feverishly searching for the Green Thumb Genome, you may now put down your pencils and stop. I have completed my field research and am submitting my findings to...um.....whatever scientific journal might benefit from my exhaustive studies. But because you, Dear Readers, stay by my side and encourage my endeavors, I felt it only appropriate to let you have a sneak peek into my report. And my conclusion is this: A Green Thumb Genome.....does not exist. Yep. I checked. See, here's the thing. My paternal grandmother (that's my Daddy's Mama, in southern) had the greenest thumb in the tri-county region. She had a garden that fed all the neighbors. She grew hydrangeas that were the size of basketballs. She composted before it was vogue. She canned, preserved, froze, stewed. If it could be grown and harvested, she could do it. And it wasn't just food stuffs but all things beautifully floral. She and my grandfather were not well-off, but she bling-blinged their flower beds with gorgeous, luxurious blooms of every color and stripe. She loved, loved, loved to garden and was very, very very good at it. You would think a little of that would have transferred on to the following generations. You would be wrong. See, I want flower pots that spill over with vivacious color in flora and fauna. I want some simple herb boxes that allow me to sprinkle my cooking with homegrown goodness. I aspire to be able to tell the neighbor how to treat that bit of shurb blight, the correct time of year to prune this or that, the most appropriate plants for our region. But friends, it just ain't happenin'. And I have the pictures to prove it...... Petunias, a la Octamom....

IMG_0295 Not too bad, you say?


Look a little closer....


Yes, those are toadstools, mushrooms, what have you, growing amidst my pitiful petunias...and not on purpose. Petunias and fungi, just the tropical look I was going for. "Oh, Octamom," you say, "you're simply overwatering..." Well, you're wrong.... These are my luscious tomatoes....


...and this would be one of my herb boxes...the better-looking one....


And yes, you did spot a garden label with 'Mint' on it in the above picture. You know, mint. Mint. That stuff that if it migrates to your flower beds, you can never kill it off? Yeah, mint. I killed it. So I have to at least include the following shot to offset the Great Gardening Massacre of '08...


I have been able to keep this pot of stragglers somewhat alive for most of the summer. But just give me a little time...... signature blog1

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