Julie Lyles Carr: So Many Things To Show You....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So Many Things To Show You....

I have so many things to show you...

And so many things to say.

But my Flickr/Picnik account?

Things are not going my way.

I upload and click and try to edit

And it says "Failure to Retrieve".

I click again and again in denial

But it will not give me reprieve.

So I post what doesn't need cropping

And I post what doesn't need a touch-up

But since I'm a premium member

This Flickr/Picnik thing is a dust-up.

I've tried troubleshooting and clearing caches~

It's been to no avail.

So I'm forced to rely on my wordsmithing

No images to light the trail.

If you have any wisdom

About why Flick/Picnik hates me so

Just please leave me a comment

With info to let me know.

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