Julie Lyles Carr: SYTYCD Our Style

Thursday, August 11, 2011

SYTYCD Our Style

Some people watch the Super Bowl.

Some people watch the World Series.

Some people watch the World Cup.

We watch the Super Bowl and the World Cup.

Not that other series.



And, of course.

We watch So You Think You Can Dance. You know, SYTYCN for those in the know.

Cuz some of us think we can dance. And some of us actually can. And have some pretty amazing news in that arena. For an upcoming post.

But for tonight, without being plot spoilers, we watched. And cheered. And enjoyed.

Because we love dance around here.

And even more than dance, we love seeing people live their dreams. No matter what 'place' they come in.

Congrats all around. signature blog1

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