Julie Lyles Carr: That Dorothy Hamil....

Monday, August 8, 2011

That Dorothy Hamil....

julie 10 yrs. old 001 crop

Now I don't want to cast stones.
But that perky Dorothy Hamil haircut should have come with a warning.
"WARNING: Not all wearers of the signature Dorothy Hamil hairstyle will find themselves to be perceived as perky, fun, and sassy but rather as much younger than their classmates and sporting something of a 'boy-cut'...."
That Dorothy Hamil.
I suppose if I could have landed a triple axle back in the day, my hair style might have had the desired effect.
But no.
julie 11 yrs. old 1978 001 crop
You would have thought I would have learned after two seasons sporting this look. At age 10. And 11.
I remember thinking that the expression on my face in that shot above would make me oh-so-mysterious. Oh-so-chic.
You would have thought I would have carried the memory of this experience forward. I'm just a girl who can't do the short hair look. I admire those who can. I have birthed girls who can, who crop off their hair and somehow channel Audrey Hepburn.
I, alas, cannot.
But I forgot it one more time.
signature blog1So glad I chose my fifth grade look for my wedding. Good choice.
Darn that Dorothy Hamil.
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