Julie Lyles Carr: OctaMen Trio

Thursday, September 29, 2011

OctaMen Trio

3 of 8 okie
Nothing like some wide open spaces and a tee box to inspire the men of the OctaTribe to let me snap some pics. That's 3 of 8. He goes to sleep at night and wakes up in the morning about an inch taller.

And then repeats the process again.

And again.

All told, he's grown at least 4 or 5 inches this summer. Seriously.

5 of 8 okie

And here's 5 of 8, my aspiring Gene Kelly. He's been very concerned this week that he has missed so many of his dance classes. They are working on their competition pieces. And he's got work to do. And jumps to learn. And steps to make.

8 of 8 okie

Rounding out the trio is 8 of 8. Of whom I cannot seem to get an in-focus picture unless he's making some very strange face. So I edit things up a bit for him, throwing on a little texture, blowing out the colors.

But come to think of it, he's actually a little blurry in real life. Since he's moving. All the time. All.The.Time.

Yea. A blurry picture of 8 of 8 really may be the most realistic...

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