Julie Lyles Carr: Shoe Shock

Friday, September 2, 2011

Shoe Shock

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I've had a bit of a shock today.

Mizuno is no longer making my favorite running shoe ever. The shoe that allowed me to get back to the pavement. The shoe that helped change my stride. The shoe that carried me across the finish line.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 6, size 9, medium width.

They replaced it with the Wave Inspire 7. And from what I can tell from runner message boards across the web, it hasn't been a successful transition. As in, most people seem to hate it.

I've hunted across the internet today, trying to see if I could find a magical backstock source to purchase any remaining pairs in my size. To no avail. Seems other Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 devotees have cleaned out the vaults, except for a size 6 extra narrow and a size 11.5 extra narrow. Everything else is (gulp) gone.

I'll pull myself together. I will. I will stop my fruitless search and get back to work~work and housework and homeschool work. I will accept this change in Mizuno fortune.

But it won't be easy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get on with all the things that I've put to the side in my fruitless Wave Inspire 6 Frantic Hunt....right after I write a little email to the folks at Mizuno....

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