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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sooner Still

six okie


Still on Sooner Soil.

Here's your daily transmission update.

Still broken.

When's the fix date?

You know.


There have been plane flights and cancelled meetings and rearranged speaking schedules and late emails and cancelled practices and all the rest. Mike flew back south earlier in the week.

And I am juggling work and kids and homeschool and race training schedule, all while awaiting transmission updates.

Updates which all seem to be the same in their verbiage.


We are loving our unexpected vacation. Tonight the six kids that are here with me were up for a little golf course photo shoot, being remarkably easy about posing for the camera and putting up with my general Canon nonsense.

Except for 8 of 8, of course. He's not camera shy.

He's just camera goofy.

For example...

8of8 okie

I turned his shirt inside-out so his chocolate stains wouldn't be so obvious. But the seams are. But I think goofy face distracts from the garment issues.


This seemed like a cute idea...

okie six group

But 8 of 8 looked pained. So we tried again...

okie group set 2

...which gave 6 of 8 an opportunity to ham it up....and for 3 of 8 to stick a blade of grass in his mouth...

There are some more pics to share, but I have to take advantage of the wifi signal at my folks house to catch up on work and emails.

And I should probably check up on the transmission for the van.

Like there's gonna be some new info...other than soon.
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