Julie Lyles Carr: Swatch

Monday, September 12, 2011



I've been studying all day for two speaking engagements tomorrow.

So I'm a little punchy.

I'm constructing and re-constructing and de-constructing my Power Points. "They're fine." "No, they're not." "Maybe a different background." "Or not."

So I decided to go for a little distraction, to get the ol' noggin on other topics and gray matter.

That scan of a fabric swatch up there is central to my childhood memory.

That's the fabric of my youth. The fabric that adorned a chair in my childhood bedroom. A chair that had originally belonged to my grandparents and then was requisitioned to our home and re-cushioned in happy yellow flowers on a green background.

With little yellow pom-poms.

I've kept some fabric samples from yesteryear. I love looking back at the colors and patterns that my mother used to draped my childhood bedroom. And my childhood frame.

And this fabric.

It always takes me back.

It's the palette and pattern of kid-times for me, a little burst of sunshine, a little taste of home.

What made up the fabric of your lives back in the day?

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