Julie Lyles Carr: Namin' Changin'

Monday, September 5, 2011

Namin' Changin'


There has been a sea change around here.


really, a name change.

No, not of the blog. Though that may be coming.

It's about the dogs, our pomaweenies.

7 and 8 of 8 let me know today that they have renamed the dogs.

Katie, the little black one, shall from henceforth be known as "Rollercoaster".

And George, the ginger one, is now to be called "George Fork".

I was a doubter at first. But I have to say, after spending the day working with these new monikers, it's starting to stick.


No, seriously.

And I would write more about the significance of name changes and the importance of names and the possible meaning of these names.

But for now, I have to go let Rollercoaster and George Fork out for one final potty for the evening.

I wonder what the neighbors are going to think when I start yelling "Rollercoaster" out in the front yard....

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