Julie Lyles Carr: The Uncle Competition

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Uncle Competition

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My children have three uncles.

Two of them are my brothers.

And one is Mike's sister's husband, CV.

I tell CV that he is my favorite brother-in-law.

(Think about it a minute. I have two brothers. No sisters. Mike has only one sister......hence, I have only one brother-in-law...but he is my favorite.)

There's been something of an unspoken competition all these years, You see, CV has that uncanny ability to choose the perfect Christmas gift for his wife. And Mike and my brothers find themselves scrambling to choose, ah, perfect gifts for their wives. Given CV's perfected gift-picking abilities.

It's the same for Mother's Day. And Valentine's. And any other holiday you can think of.

But my brothers have clung to the idea that they can at least be The Fun Uncles. Fine. Let CV be the perfect husband.

They can be The Fun Uncles.

Until CV got a go cart.

And my children found out.

And were allowed to navigate said go cart.

For a  long long time. And for multiple trips up and down the street. While being regaled with Uncle CV's plans to build a go cart track at the back of his property.

Oh dear.

He has upped the Fun Uncle ante. And my kids are falling for it.

Particularly the ones who are longing for their driver's permits.

But don't worry, Unc. You'll always have Paris with 1 of 8....

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