Julie Lyles Carr: Camera Hog

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camera Hog

6 of 8 bw

While I've been having to beg most of the members of my family to let me snap some pictures of them, there is one volunteer who is always cheerful and at the ready.

6 of 8.

Girlfriend sees a camera and immediately gets to posing.

6 of 8 texture vingette

And she has lots of opinions on how to capture her best looks...

6 of 8 letterbox sepia

Yet another example....

6 of 8 contrast texture

So this should be considered fair warning to the other OctaKids...in future years, if you want to whine about how many pictures there are of 6 of 8 in comparison with the archives for each of you, remember...

6 of 8 smile

The girl is willing to keep on smiling for the Canon....

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