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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

4 6 mike daddy daughter dance

You gotta appreciate people who come up with great ideas and see it through.

Such was the case this past weekend, because there was a family that suggested that the dance company where many of our children dance should hold a Daddy Daughter dance.

It wasn't us who made the suggestion and made the plans and put the whole thing together. Nope. We just helped populate the event.

That's our gift. Populating events.

Mike attended with four of our girls in tow and then was delighted to have one of 2 of 8's dearest friends along as well. 4 of 8 was my photographer to record all the happenings...

4 and 6 of 8 daddy daughter dance

That girl seems particularly gifted at taking pics of herself and others while holding the camera at arm's length.

And she even managed to snap a shot of Mike dancing with 6 of 8...

6 mike daddy daughter dance

And this one of Mike competing in the Daddy Dance Competition...

daddy daughter dance mike

That's the man I fell in love with, ladies and gentlemen.

Mike took second in the competition, I'm told. We will celebrate his silver finish.

mike 6 daddy daughter dance

For the record, 4 of 8 is looking waaaaay too grown-up to her daddy and me...

4 mike daddy daughter dance

And 1 and 2 of 8 have been highly offended when they've been out with their baby sister 4 and people have thought 4 was older. Than the 21 year old. And the almost 18 year old.

Here's 7 of 8 bustin' a move...

7 daddy daughter dance

It's hard to believe that 2 and 4 of 8 can be this grown-up already. I think back to the days they shared a room~~well, they still share a room~~but they shared a room stuffed with Barbies and baby dolls and stuffed animals. And now they share a room stuffed with clothes and shoes and they share and trade favorite outfits and eye shadow.

2 and 4 daddy dance

Here's 2 and 7...

2 and 7 daddy daughter dance 2

And 2, 7 and KZ, another one of 'our girls'~~love her!

2 kz 7 daddy daughter dance

Now, this was not a Mother/Son event. So 5 of 8 and the other guy in company got to go to a cool movie with their moms...

2011-10-22 17.42.44

So all in all, a successful evening. 1 of 8 got to do her college age thing, Mike danced with our other four girls, I got to catch a great flick with a dear friend, her son and 5 of 8.


And 3 of 8 got to babysit 8 of 8. Which is always an adventure.

A fun evening for all.  Except for maybe 3 of 8.

We'll make it up to him....

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