Julie Lyles Carr: Honor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011



We had such a great service at church on Sunday.

It was Firefighter Appreciation, an opportunity to thank the brave men and women who recently fought the horrific fires in our region. Our church family was able to thank them, honor them and let them know how much their dedication and service to our community has meant.

I was struck with how much our support meant to our firefighters and also with how much some of them seem to still be struggling with their experiences. They seem to keenly feel the burden of the number of homes that were lost. Two people lost their lives as the fire churned through 34000 acres of Central Texas forest, one of them a firefighter. These firemen saw the communities where they live decimated and several of them lost their homes as well. There were tears shed by strong men on Sunday. And we wept with them and cheered them on.

I so appreciate our pastor's heart to honor our community servants and armed services people. I often think about how much I appreciate these amazing public servants, but am stymied as to how to show that. Services like Sunday give us an opportunity to show the support we feel.

And there's something so precious about showing honor to those who traffic in honor.

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