Julie Lyles Carr: Paint Swatch

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paint Swatch

My desk is littered with bits of paper known as paint swatches.

This is confusing ground. This choosing of paint. And I seem to have that unique un-ability to visualize how a color will look on my walls.

It always seems like a shock and a surprise when I get that roller to the wall. And pigment is placed.

Because it never seems to look like the paint swatch I chose. Although when I put the paint swatch on the painted wall, it seems to match.


I've just covered my dining room in Sherwin Williams Quiver Tan. The swatch is there at the top.

Most of the family loves it. 1 of 8 is not impressed. At all.

Now I have to figure out what to do on the wall that are adjacent to the Quiver Tan walls.

There's Sherwin Williams Wool Skein...

Or Universal Khaki...

Or maybe I should just lean back into the Builder Beige that covers every surface of this house...at least until my hand can unclinch from its state of Holding Paint Brush For Too Long hand...

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