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Wednesday, October 5, 2011



You can go potty at my house now.

Well, I mean, technically, you always could.

But based on the indignities 8 of 8 had incurred upon our guest bath, you might not have wanted to. Or would have wanted a tetanus booster as insurance.

Were you to potty in said guest bath.

8 of 8 had sort of claimed the guest bath as his own. And his, ah, aim is not that great. Unless he's plastering the walls in wet toilet paper. Remember this?...

tp plaster1

So it seemed that we had an outhouse in the middle of our innerhouse. It was time to make some changes.

First, I scrubbed everything down with peroxide. Yes, peroxide. Hydrogen. Turns out that little 89 cent brown bottle of bubbles in fantastic at banishing noxious 'lack of accurate aim' odors and at bringing the tile grout back up to its intended color. Then I pulled up all the caulking. And scrubbed some more. And then recaulked with a bead the width of fat Twizzlers. I'm sure a caulk professional would be horrified at my far overuse of caulk product. But I am determined to keep any moisture (and by moisture, I mean 'pee') from ever again sneaking into cracks and crannies which are impossible to get to. Unless you peel up all your skinny caulk. And scrub. And recaulk with fat caulk.

I would have sealed that bathroom with pitch if I could have. Worked for Noah. And for Moses' mama. Look it up.

I then painted that little bathroom. A crazy color. A gray-come-taupe-come hint of dark green that I love. That I love so much that I slapped it on the ceiling as well.

Next, down came the builder's grade weird mirror and up went a happy find from Home Goods. And some photography prints by yours truly from my Paris trip this summer.


And now, you can potty at my house. Seriously. I keep the door to the guest bath locked. Seriously. Really.


And 8 of 8 now goes upstairs to the boys' bathroom. Mostly. Except when he drops trou outside and waters our trees. We've got a drought going on here, people. Every little bit helps.

And we need to keep up our image as the weirdest neighbors on the block. 8 of 8 helps us with that image. A.Lot.
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