Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Selah

He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart.
I Cor. 4:5

We made a little pit stop before church this morning.

At our local Urgent Care center.

8 of 8 had let me know that he had chosen to put a bead in his ear. So I looked. And he had.

And not just any bead.

But a really big, honking shiny bead. Which he had managed to lodge tightly in his ear canal. Just for fun. Apparently.

We went into the Urgent Care waiting room, signed in, paid our copay and waited to be seen. A sweet physician's assistant peered into 8 of 8's ear, confirmed the placement of said shiny bead and proceeded to try to bring that bead into the light.


She then tried to put a little numbing agent in 8 of 8's ear to make him a little more comfortable while digging deep in his ear canal.

All to no avail.

That bead is stuck, stuck, stuck.

We're going to have to go see an ENT, who will hopefully have a broader range of tiny tools and techniques to remove the bead from its post near that timpanic membrane. Lovely.

8 of 8 is telling everyone he sees about the bead in his ear. He is fully in agreement that putting that shiny orb in his ear was not a great idea. He confirms that having to go to the Urgent Care center wasn't much fun. He knows there will be another doctor visit in his future.

But the bead remains.

I think about some of the sins in my life, the ones that I will own up to having, but that I keep just out of reach from the Great Physician truly plucking out. I'll talk about that bead of sin, own up that it doesn't play a positive role in my life, admit that it impedes my hearing when it comes to spiritual things.

But the bead remains.

8 of 8 is not really uncomfortable with that bead stuck in his ear. It really only hurt when they were trying to get it out of his ear. It muffles his hearing, but he doesn't seem to mind. He probably would be happy to just leave it where it is, honest that it's there but not willing to undergo the discomfort of removing it.

Me too. There are things that I call confession because I don't mind letting anyone know they're there. But I'm not willing to go through the discomfort of removing it from my life. I could hear from the Lord better if I would let those beads be pulled into the light. And He patiently waits for me to submit to His healing bead removal.


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