Julie Lyles Carr: Sweet Silver Success!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Silver Success!

The Bead.

The Bead that cost several hundred dollars.

I now own it.


I owned it before it made its way into 8 of 8's ear canal.

But I now feel that I have even deeper claims of ownership to it.

This squirrelly little disc of silver has proven quite precious. 8 of 8 handled the procedure well, probably relishing that he was giving his ENT a fit even as he slumbered. She first attempted to remove it with a set of teeny tiny forceps. But he had wedged it so well and at such an odd angle that she ultimately had to fashion a tiny suction cup custom made to the size of the bead to force it from his ear.

I just choose to think that 8 of 8 likes to have people expand their horizons....

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