Julie Lyles Carr: What I've Learned About Transmissions

Monday, October 3, 2011

What I've Learned About Transmissions

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I have finally made my way home after spending several days in Oklahoma, waiting for my big ol' van to get out of auto ICU.

As it turns out, transmissions are very integral to effective engine performance.

And as with any experience in life, it's important to come away with a few lessons.

So here's what I picked up in my sojourn, waiting for my van...

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1. It doesn't matter if you just had your transmission replaced last year. It can still choose the most inopportune time to call it a day. Say, for instance, as you arrive at a wedding. Where the valet wants you to disembark from your vehicle. While on a hill.  But your van wants to slide backward into the fifteen other cars behind it on the hill.

2. The place where we had the transmission replaced last year, the same transmission that chose to fail this year, is a business of integrity. They completely handled all the bills and ordering and all the rest with this latest crisis. They honored their word of transmission warranty. And that is an unusual commodity in today's world. So if you're in my neck of the Central Texas woods, Eagle Transmission is where you want to go. Ask for Tim. And tell him I sent you.

3. When you plan for your Arriving at a Wedding in a 15 Passenger Van/Transmission Failure Outing, it is very helpful to make sure it happens in a city where you have lots of friends and family and cousins and people with a little extra space so you can house your family for the duration.

4. Transmission repairs all hinge on how long it takes UPS to deliver the needed parts. Which was over a week, in our case. Hence our Sooner Sojourn. Just so you can plan accordingly for your transmission failure.

cousin time 3

I guess that about covers it. Transmission 101. Brought to you by Octamom. Oh, and all those pictures up there? Those are some of our very hospitable and fun cousins who treated us to dinners and comedy concerts and offers of extra beds. Be sure you have a couple of those kinds of extended family when you plan your next Transmission Failure.

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