Julie Lyles Carr: The Latest Season

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Latest Season


Welcome to 2 of 8's senior year.

The year I've been somewhat in denial about.

We hit our second dance convention in Houston this past weekend. And it was beautiful.

And I keep trying to ignore that 2 of 8 won't be going to conventions next year. Because she'll be an adult and all. So I won't get to see her do things like this every couple of weeks.


Folks keeping asking us about her plans for next year. There are paragraphs and paragraphs I could write. But the Cliff Notes explanation is this:

We don't know.

The dance world has no clear cut, scientific formula for insuring the realization of a dream.

It just doesn't.


Mike and I are huge believers in education. Heck, I've dedicated my youth and now my middle age to educating these eight kids of ours. But we believe in education with a dream in mind.

We want these kids to be able to do what they were created to do.

When I watch 2 of 8, it does feel like she was designed to dance.


Should she go into a college based dance program? Should she start auditioning for shows? Should she not head to a traditional college but instead should she go to a dance based professional instruction school?


I dunno. This is me shrugging.

While strongly believing in higher education and pushing our kids higher and all that jazz.


That photo up there? That's what I do know. That. That moment. That ability to capture a split second in time and to tell a whole story.


And all I know to do is to tell her to steward it well.


And to dance with all her heart. No matter the future.


And she does.

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