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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Memories


I tend to make things too hard.

I really do. I didn't realize that about myself for a long while. But I'm figuring it out. If I need to make some cupcakes, I'll turn it into a creative kitchen destroying frenzy, deciding that true butter cream frosting and handmade fondant figurines must adorn the tops of my mini desserts. If the bathroom needs to be cleaned, I'll clean it. And then re-caulk the baseboards. And then clean out the cabinets. And then fold all the towels into origami shapes.

Still need convincing?

I made my own butter. No lie. For years. I made my own butter.


I complicate things in the name of artistry and gourmet taste.

And my photography and scrapbooking shows the same tendencies. I take a ton of pictures, all from different angles. I edit, re-edit, burn to sepia.

And scrapbooking?


Photo splits, calligraphy pens, matting, theme paper, circle cutters...I love it all. And even when I scrapbook digitally, I can make it a whole ordeal.

All in the name of artistry.

So I was thrilled to hear from a new company called My Memories, a digital scrapbooking company that combines digital scrapbooking software with online collections and features. They asked me to take their software for a spin and I've been joy riding ever since, playing with all the great features.

And here's a very cool little deal. They have some pre-made templates that are adorable. Where you just click and drop your photos into existing pages. Which means you can knock out 10 pages of scrapbooking in just a few minutes. With scrapbook software.

So you have time to go make butter.

Or not.

Here's a couple of screen captures from my editing sessions...

my mem page 2

And I did some scrapping from Halloween...

my mem page3

Literally, within just a few minutes, I had a complete record of our fall activities over the last few weeks, adorably showcased in one of many pre-designed fall templates. I can now export to print up as jpegs or send it to an iPhone as a little photo movie or make a DVD. And I can print it up as a gorgeous bound book as well through MyMemories printing services.


Or, if I'm feeling all 'wanna make my own butter' creative,the My Memories suite lets me design pages all on my own. I can choose the backgrounds, the embellishments, the textures and texts, all within the same program.

Love it.

So I can humor both sides of my artsy personality.

And if I'm just wanting to enhance a special photo or make a design for a card or even a header for my blog, I can do that on My Memories as well.

So what about this? How's about a My Memories Giveaway? That's right! My Memories will give one lucky Octamom reader the software for creating all kinds of photo fun! Let's make up some rules....
1. Become an Octamom follower, if you aren't already.
2. Go visit the My Memories site and look around! Find your favorite digital paperpack or a layout you love. Then come back here and post a comment for an entry about your find and why you'd love to win a My Memories software package.
3. Tweet, Facebook, post about the contest on your own blog for more entries. And follow the My Memories blog, the My Memories Facebook page and My Memories Twitter for more chances to win!
4. Like The Original Octamom facebook page for yet another chance.
5. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 14th.

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