Julie Lyles Carr: The Other Birthday Buddy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Other Birthday Buddy

3 of 8 bday1


We have a triple play.

For three days in a row in the fall, we celebrate birthdays.

1 of 8. Then me. Then 3 of 8.

3 of 8 is now 15.

Hello. 15.

When did that happen?


Talk about a cute baby. Sheesh. The cutest.

And colicky.

But still. Super duper cute.


'Cuz I'm super objective and all.

3 of 8 bday2

3 of 8 somehow seems to simultaneously look exactly like his father. And my youngest brother. And Mike and my youngest brother do not resemble each other.

And yet.

3 of 8 bday3

1 of 8 loves celebrating her birthday with her 'widdle' brother. Who is a lot taller than her.

3 of 8 bday 4

Happy Birthday, 3 of 8.

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