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Friday, November 25, 2011

Place Setting

dining room1

I've been scrubbing and painting and rearranging over the last few weeks, all in anticipation of the holidays.

We leased this house for four years, not thinking originally that we would buy it. We were waiting for our home down on the coast to sell and then we figured we would build, seeing as how there are not many houses out there designed for families of 10.

But we fell in love with our neighbors. And the neighborhood. And the idea of not having to pack up again.

So here we are, very thankful to be here.

And I've been dabbling in paint colors and schemes and ideas to make this home ours.

It was a paint swatch from Sherwin Williams that spoke to me. It's called Quiver Tan. So I bought a little test pot of it. And then I bought more. And then I slathered it all over the dining room walls. And I love it.

dining room2

I found those candle sticks on the table at Garden Ridge in the 75% off aisle. I was a happy, happy camper.

In my mind, I love homes that sport a cream and white and light gray and soft white and beige cream scheme. But I live in a house with a whole bunch of people. Who drag their hands along the walls and have scooter races in the entry way and do all manner of homeschool science projects around the house. So I go for pops of white and cream where I can. And I try to make those pops things that can be thrown in the washing machine and bleached. I covered several of the dining chairs with canvas covers from IKEA. My dining chairs are not from IKEA, so the fit is a little fudged...but it still works and the IKEA covers are only $10...me likey.

dining room wall

This collection of platters is a mish-mash of tag sales and finds through the years. I epoxy-ed little hangers on the back to hang them up, with the exception of the large white platter near the top. It needed a sturdy plate hanger to stay safely on the wall.

dining room spoon pic

I was thrilled to find this utensil painting at my local Ross's. It was super cool and super cheap. However, the canvas wasn't quite large enough to really fill the space over the buffet (which was actually a dresser from my bedroom set before I uh, ahem, repurposed it....). So when my local Hobby Lobby had a sale on their blank painting canvases, I picked one up. I hung it on the wall and then secured a thumbtack through the canvas into the board running down the center. I then hung the utensil painting on that thumbtack and voila~~a canvas the correct size for the space.

So this was our 'place setting' for Thanksgiving this year, our fourth Thanksgiving in this house, our first year with it being 'ours'.  And what a sweet time we had, noshing on turkey and dressin', eating too much cheesecake, reminiscing and laughing.

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