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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Road


Got some pictures in today from the Chosen Marathon and had to share. It was such a beautiful race this year and the weather was simply ideal. Ideal, ideal, ideal. Chilly when we started, still in the low 70's when we finished. For two girls who had done the majority of their training in ridiculous heat, it was a delight.

The sun was just lighting up as JT and I hit the river, between mile 4 and 5. With photographers all along the course, we tried to smile pretty for the camera. That shot above is one of my favorites; JT and I have spent many a morning on the road and it's great to have a photo commemorating that.


This is somewhere around mile 8 of 9. We're getting ready to do a really tough, long hill. But we're not there yet. So we're still smiling. And trying to make a heart while running. We thought it would make 6 of 8 and AT proud.

JT and I did a couple of things this race that I think really helped our stamina and time. We started using Gu's every 30 minutes. Gu's are little envelopes we carry that have a gooey, sticky, sweet brew that gives us a hit of about 100 calories of easily assimilated carbs. (I'm sure my punctuation is incorrect in giving Gu a possessive 's...but if I leave it out, it looks like we're refueling with something called gus...) I've resisted using them in the past, feeling somehow in my legalism that I was cheating somehow. But I usually run on an empty stomach and was really hitting an energy crisis a few miles in. JT has always used Gu's but wasn't using them as frequently. Our decision in both training and the race to use them more frequently made a great impact and helped us stay peppy.

Even as we approached that crazy hill portion.

We've always done a pretty good job on our hydration, particularly JT. But I tried to be more diligent as well this race and both of us paid better attention to the days coming up to the race, drinking, drinking, drinking water.

It paid off.


And here we are crossing the finish line with our best time ever. Yes, we are very happy in this photo. Very happy. And that feel-good continued the rest of the day.

We start training for another race next week. We're doing some softer mileage, giving ourselves a little break before we hit it again. I've got some new Mizunos in, getting ready to test drive the Wave Inspire 7 (remember the big shoe debacle?). It's fun to set new goals, think about how to accomplish better times.

But the best part of it all is hitting the road with my buddy, watching the sun rise, talking and laughing.

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