Julie Lyles Carr: Shopping Shifts

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping Shifts

Dateline: Tuesday. 9 days before Thanksgiving.

Assignment: Throw a great, memorable holiday dinner for our crew of 10 and my brother's crew of 6.

Strategy: Shop in shifts.

Canned green beans. Check. French fried onions. Check. White corn meal. Check. Chicken broth. Check. Celery. Check. Graham cracker crusts. Check. Chocolate chips. Check.

In my mind, this begins the foundation of the Thanksgiving meal. It's sort of some of kind of a few of the most important ingredients to 4 or 5 of the major dishes I'll be serving. So I can check those off the list. While leaving a lot of other little things like onions and sweet potatoes and sage and baking powder and butter on kind of sort of a secondary list.


Not butter.

I got butter.

It's a foundational item.

With this well-honed system, I can't miss. Right?

Only six more shopping trips to go.....

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