Julie Lyles Carr: Sugar Territory

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sugar Territory

my candy

No, our kids are not allowed to keep their candy in their rooms.

Yes, we do let them get a couple of pieces a day.

No, we do not find this to be an unfair policy.

Yes, we often occasionally dip into their stash.

No, we do not consider that stealing.

Yes, they will probably plow through this candy haul with a speed that belies the 'couple of pieces' a day policy.

No, we aren't naive enough to think we've simply over-estimated the amount of candy.

Yes, we do keep the candy in our office.

No, we don't find this to be too tempting. Much.

Yes, I do realize that one of my children has spelled 'down' as in 'downstairs' as 'boun'.  We've added it to the spelling list for the week.

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